Mercury retrograde: Is Mercury’s movements throwing your love life off course?

Written by Flirtini team

We all have those moments where nothing in our love life seems to go to plan… We say the wrong things, leave our matches on read, and find it hard to communicate with the person we usually find easiest to talk to. But it’s not your fault… It’s Mercury’s.

Three to four times a year, our solar system’s smallest planet appears to spin backwards, causing turbulence in our love lives and throwing our relationships off course. Why? In astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, so when it isn’t on the same page as its fellow planets, we struggle to sync with our romantic partners.

Flirtini surveyed 2,000 people on their dating experiences during Mercury retrograde. With 71% saying that the optical illusion has a negative impact on their relationship, perhaps it’s best to put love on hold until Mercury’s mood improves.

Cosmic connections: The link between Mercury’s rotation and unsteady relationships

Putting couples on a collision course

Like some sort of cosmic Cupid, Mercury’s unusual spin tends to send typically stable relationships into turmoil.

Have you ever noticed your partner becoming more irritable, reactive, and prone to getting heated at seemingly random times during the year, before snapping back to their usual self? You might even notice sudden bouts of anxiety and depression that come and go with no noticeable pattern. Some say that’s a sure sign your partner is suffering from Mercury retrograde. And you’re not alone — Some 46% of people have noticed their loved one’s acting unusual as soon as Mercury starts its odd spin.

Even those that are usually great at talking problems out might struggle while Mercury has its moment. It’s no wonder. The astrological event is thought to disrupt our ability to communicate and put a dampener on our mood, with astrologers linking it to brain fog, anxiety, and confusion. During these periods, we’re prone to saying the wrong words and taking things the wrong way. For 45% of people, this has led to communication struggles between them and their partner.

Disputes between friends, forgetfulness at work, and delays in travel are all also common occurrences during Mercury retrograde, as are relationship blowouts and breakdowns. For 44% of couples, unusual behaviors and an inability to talk it out has led to an argument in the past. Likewise, for 43%, Mercury’s meddling has caused fights.

Bad breakup? Just blame Mercury

Some 46% of people say their partner has used the astrological event to justify their bad behaviors, but it’s worth noting that there’s absolutely no scientific research that links Mercury retrograde and our psychological wellbeing. Perhaps, rather than plenary movements controlling our mood, it’s just a good way to pass the blame when a relationship hits the rocks.

However, despite the lack of scientific evidence, these feelings likely aren’t fantasy. Experts speculate that the phenomenon may cause those that believe in it to experience heightened worry, confusion, and tension. This leads to stress and, in turn, puts a strain on their relationships.

Often, this sudden change in feelings results in more than miscommunication and petty arguments. In fact, 25% of people have been dumped in the past, blaming Mercury retrograde for the breakup.

But if Mercury’s sudden switch does bring your relationship to a stop, there’s a good chance of reconciliation once the illusion ends in just three weeks’ time. Some 27% of couples that broke up say they reconnected with their partner once Mercury was done meddling in their love life.

How cosmic concerns put love on hold

For more than a third of people, there’s no chance Mercury will drive a wedge between them and their partner. That’s because they haven’t found them yet — and they won’t until it’s over, given 37% avoid going on first dates during Mercury retrograde.

But aren’t events usually a great place to meet potential partners? They’re packed with unfamiliar faces, put us in the right mood for meaningful connection, and bring us together with people that share our interests. Well, not this one. For many, Mercury retrograde is one event where finding love certainly isn't on the cards. In fact, 37% have canceled a date after realizing their plans clash with the planet’s.

However, if you’re one of the 63% of people willing to go ahead with a planned date during Mercury retrograde, there’s every chance you will meet your match. Just don’t be too disheartened if you get ghosted or don’t quite click.

Planetary meddling or just a matter of perception?

It may look as if Mercury is spinning the wrong way, but it’s simply a trick of the eye. The small planet moves faster around the sun, and when it laps us, it momentarily appears to reverse course and move backwards in the sky. It isn’t actually; It’s just our perspective from Earth — and the same can be said for how Mercury’s rotation impacts our dating lives.

While most see Mercury retrograde as a negative, 17% of people say that they actually prefer dating during the astrological event because it brings them good luck.

If you go into a date worrying that you will struggle to get your words out and won’t connect with the person across the table, chances are it won’t go well. That isn’t Mercury’s doing… You’ve simply manifested nervous energy that is bound to stop you from enjoying your date. So be your usual self, emit confidence, and show that pesky planet that it’s not the one in control of your love life!

Methodology: To create this study, researchers from Flirtini surveyed 2,000 adults aged over 18 years old. The study includes participants of all genders and ethnicities.

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